Application Profile Overview

This documentation uses the following namespace abbreviation:

OpenAIRE-Field Metadata Element
1 Identifier (M) datacite:identifier
2. Author (M) datacite:creator
3. Contact Person (O) datacite:contributor
4. Contact Group (O) datacite:contributor
5. Name (M) datacite:title
6. Repository (R) datacite:publisher
7. Type (M) datacite:resourceType
8. Subject (R) datacite:subject
9. Release date (R) datacite:date
10. Description language (O) datacite:language
11. Alternate identifier (O) datacite:alternateIdentifier
12. Landing page (R) datacite:alternateIdentifier
13. Distribution location (R) datacite:alternateIdentifier
14. Documentation (R) datacite:relatedIdentifier
15. RelatedIdentifier (R) datacite:relatedIdentifier
16. Format (O) datacite:format
17. Version Number (R) datacite:version
18. Access Rights (M) datacite:rights
19. Licence Condition (R) datacite:rights
20. Description (R) datacite:description
21. Tool (R) datacite:description
22. Funding Reference (R) datacite:fundingReference

Examples of valid metadata records